Company qualifications
Business License Certificate

Company Name: Sanya Horizon Travel Services Ltd.
Address: 601 Chuangye Dasha, Xinfeng Street NW, Hexi District, Sanya.
Legal Representative: Guo Hua
Company Category: Limited Liability Company
Bussiness: Domestic Tourism Business, Inbound Tourism Business (with a permit), Wedding Services, Exhibition and Reception Services, Business Visits, Event Planning.
Date of Establishment: 13/5/2011
Term of Operation: 13/5/2014
Registration Number: 460200000104309
Registered Capital: 2,000,000


GJSH Certificate
This certifies that Miss Guo Hua has been elected as Vice President of the first council of the Sanya International Chamber of Commerce.
Sanya International Trade Association
Sanya International Chamber of Commerce
Position of Vice President
Period of Work: 10/2011 – 10/2015
 Honorary Certificate:
Miss Guo Hua has been elected as vice president of the second council of the Hainan Provincial Exhibition Association.