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 Before Making a Payment

1、Before making a payment, please review the following information.A: When you make a booking online, our company will send you some detailed information (including all of our services, which will be sent to you on an electronic voucher), please review all of the information on the voucher carefully, ensuring that all of the information you have provided is correct, this should include: your name, passport number, flight number, flight time, return time, hotel name, number of days staying here, accommodation type and number, or any other important information.

2、When you use our website to book plane tickets, we will send you an electronic voucher, you may check in at the designated check in counter using your passport or ID number.

3、If you require us to supply any pick-up services after your flight, our staff from Horizon Travel can collect you from the airport and assist in your check-in at your chosen hotel. If you have any other reservation requirements, we are able to supply a variety of services such as gold, water sports, dining arrangements etc.

4、If you are organising your travel and transport arrangements independently, when checking in at your chosen hotel, please display the voucher we have supplied you at the hotel desk, the desk staff will the assist you in the check-in process. If you wish to make your own golfing or dinner arrangements etc. Please take your voucher with you to show the members of staff, they will again help you with the check-in process.

How to make payment
A. Individual travelers, pick our company bank account for the fastest payment confirmation.1. Pick our        account, it’s very simple, just go to the bank counter,  our company will provide you with a card  deposit slip, the deposit will then be credited with the companies designated card number. 2. It may  easier and more convenient for you to use the online banking services to perform the transaction.  After the payment has been made, our company will be informed of the transfer by phone or text, we  will then inform you that the payment has been fully processed.

B. For business trips and conference groups, you may choose our company’s official bank account for  a company-to-company transfer. (This offer is only available for business trips and conference  groups only).
C. When you make a booking with us, we require the payment to be made by a certain deadline, please  be sure to double-check our bank information and my sure that you fill in the correct information to  ensure that your payment is successful and arrives on time.

If you live or work within China, you may use your Chinese Bank Card to make a transfer, you may pick between one of the payment methods listed below.

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If you wish to pay by credit card, you will be charged an international transfer fee, please refer to the following chart for information on credit card fees. We recommend the use of a debit card for payments as they enable free transactions. We accept the following credit cards