Sanya Lighting and AV Facilities System Service

Horizon Company supplies professional lighting, audio, LED board, Plasma TV, Projector, Stage and Background Layout installation. We are able to meet all of your technology needs with our professional technology, experience with an abundance of audio, lighting and video supplies. Along with our high quality equipment, we also provide experienced professionals and technical personnel to work with you in large scale performances, international conferences, exhibitions and other live performances to get the best results.
  • Here at Horizon Lighting Systems, we are very proud of the work we’ve done. We selected some images in this gallery and hopefully they can give you some ideas about what we do and what we can provide to you. Click For More Information

  • Superb sound reinforcement doesn't just happen, it takes dedication to quality, a sharp ear, and an eye on the client's needs. We focus on making sound happen so you don't have to think about it. Let Horizon Sound bring your next event to life with amazing audio. Click For More Information

  • Horizon video systems include: Various types of projector, Various types of projector screens, various types of LED screen, Watchout system, LED TV, etc. Click For More Information

  • Our Stage Sets Include: Backdrop Sets, Set up the stage, Props and Stage themes (these can be individaully designed according to the requirements of the customer). To see some of our set and scene designs, Click For More Information

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