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Sanya Horizon exhibition company established in meeting & conference & exhibition industry for more than 10 years. has specialized in meeting & conference & exhibition services since 1998. Our staffs including project mangers, designers,executive, AV team,stage decoration and logistics team, they have over 10 years combined average meeting&conference management experience, we provide all inclusive service such as specialized in planning of business conference at such aspects as reception, after-meeting tour,conference exhibition,transportation, and offering our clients stellar and competitive full service capabilities. Our dedication to provide only high quality service ensures the expectations of you and your guests are surpassed every time.

We are not just your supplier, we are also your partner !
Hot Package
Customer Consultation:After we have received a customer consultation, we will make a detailed recording of our customer’s requirements goals that they wish to achieve, we will then plan an entire admittance meeting in accordance with the client’s budget. And after a series of communications with the customer, we refine all discussed plans.

Selecting a Hotel:We will help select a suitable hotel in accordance with our customer’s requirements. By using our long line of hotel connections, we can assist our customers in getting the best prices for their accommodation.

Scheduled Transportation Tickets: We can help our clients to book tickets for Planes, Boats, Trains or other main modes of transportation.

Dining Arrangements: We can assist in hotel and meal reservations, or for a real taste of local cuisine, we can make reservations in the local traditional restaurants.

Communication, Technology, & GraphicsAppreciation or Awards Dinners:We provide an infinite amount of creative themed dinner designs for our clients, including lighting, audio, video system design and installation, we also design and deliver theatrical productions, performances, process designs and many other services.

AV system design:The design will be in accordance to the customer's budget and is then designed to match the theme of the dinner or meeting.

Simultaneous Interpretation Systems: We are able to provide interpreters or interpreting equipment for our customers.

Our Website: Our official website has been uniquely designed with our customers in mind, allowing them to easily view detailed meeting information and giving them access to our online registration system.

After the Tour and Team building Arrangements: We help our customers plan and arrange tourism destination projects and team building activities.
Exclusive Chartered Ship and Cruise VenueGolf Tournament: We can book golf courses or organise tournaments according to the needs of our customers.

Meeting Shuttle Service: We supply an all-day shuttle service.

Strong Executive Team: During meetings and activities, we can supply a number of patient, professional executive team members on site to provide a variety of supporting services.

After_Meeting Services:After all meetings and activities have ended, our team takes will take care of logistics and other related affairs.

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