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Dreamy Destination Wedding in Sanya Beach

Why not embrace Sanya with your destination wedding and take inspiration for the Dreamy Destination Wedding? Coconut trees are in abundance here in Hainan and are a main feature of the wedding as it is decorated with vast amounts of fresh local flowers and plants. Horizon weddings presents a truly Hainan inspired wedding

Tropical Wedding in Sanya China Beach
 A tasteful reception

Sanya beach destination
Classic and traditional western decorations

Sanya tropical destination wedding

beach wedding in China

The green injects a fresh and vibrant spring vibe into the wedding

Live classical music throughout the day

Tropical Wedding in Sanya China Beach
As dark falls lanterns create a cosy and romantic atmospher

Tropical Wedding in Sanya China Beach

Enchanting classic center pieces

Tropical Wedding in Sanya China Beach

Main venue with a romantic altar for the ceremony.

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