Our Team
  • Charlie Guo

    University Major: Tourism Management Masters: Marketing As I love this industry I have engaged in the tourism and convention fields for 19 years, it has been hard work but I’ve been constantly working and constantly pushing myself to expand and achieve success. After 15 years in my career, I have worked from a low position, striving to fulfill each job steadily and carefully. After 15 years of fighting, I’m now familiar with all of the fields I operate in. I also have a deep understanding in business operation. I have a strong sense of innovation and passion, with three years of studying in the UK which has helped to open up my international perspective. I have orchestrated a number of exciting events for the government and served as a general director for many of the activities on-site. With a wealth of knowledge in the industry fields, I have been invited a number of times by local universities to give lectures in my experience fields. I was also named ‘The Vice President of the Hainan Convention’ and ‘The Vice President of the Sanya International Chamber of Commerce’.

  • Victor Yang

    Victor loves exhibitions, and has engaged in the convention and exhibition industry for 8 years. When he entered the company, he started in the more basic fields. Throughout his 8 years here he’s successfully planned and implemented more than 200 field activities. He has successfully received and arranged events for world famous companies such as HP, BMW, Coca-Cola, Nokia, PKMG etc.He has experience in large meetings, activity planning, AV systems, stage design and configuration.

  • Pearl Mo

    She has now been working in the meetings, conventions, golf reservation and events industry for years. She has been continually learning for 9 years and constantly enriching herself to become an incentive travel expert. She has a solid customer service oriented base and always works diligently to fulfil all of her assigned activities. She has completed work independently for HP, China Telecom, BMW, Baichang etc.

  • Lucy Liu

    Liu Yin has engaged in conference receptions, travel awards, golf reservations etc. for nearly 10 year. She is one of our industry’s tourism, meeting and vacation product experts. She has successfully completed events such as: Baiyunshan Pharamceutical Factory Customer Appreciation event (500 people), Ascott Guangzhou Cosmetics Conference (1000), Shi Hui Dayao Ye Sales Awards Ceremony (500) the Hong Kong International Cosmetics Ceremony (250), all of which she received positive feedback from her customers. She has received the “excellent staff” and “Best Contribution” awards.

  • Fiona Chen

    Fiona hass majored in broadcasting and hosting arts at university. She has been working within the wedding industry since 2007 and have created personalised romantic weddings for hundreds of couples. In 2013, they received a planning certificate for their efforts from the International Association of Wedding Planning ABC. Specific Areas of Experience: Beach Weddings, Themed Weddings, DIY weddings and banquets. Wedding Styles: Atmospheric, Beautiful, Romantic, Elegant.