Dining in Sanya
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For people traveling to Sanya on vacation, there are a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, many of which are located in the hotels, resorts, city center and the seaside of Sanya. Please feel free to look through our website for more information on dining in Sanya
  • Sanya Hainan Tropical Fruits

    Hainan has been famously named “The fruit basket of God”. Fruits such as the Pineapple, Papaya, Cantaloupe, Dragon fruit, Sapodilla, Passion fruit, Star fruit, the Mango and the Rambutan can all be bought from the street farmers market and various other traditional markets across Hainan and can be purchased very cheaply. But it might be worth bringing someone along who has a bit of experience in buying market goods so as to avoid being ripped off.

  • Hainan Four Famous Dishes

    As a famouse tourist city, Sanya offers a variety of Hainan-style cuisines. The most famouse dishes are Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Dongshan Mutton, Hele Crab

  • BBQ Buffet -- Resort Intime Sanya

    The BBQ buffet has a romantic feel with its comfortable dining environment, this hand cooked seafood BBQ produces exquisite food, a Filipino band is also present at the venue. The resort is located within Dadonghai.

  • BBQ Buffet -- Four Point by Sheraton Sanya

    This upscale hotel Seafood BBQ buffet offers fair and affordable prices, served at Four Point by Sheraton located within Sanya Bay. This restaurant boasts gorgeous ocean views and has a wide variety of seafood, beverages, fruits and much more in an unlimited supply.

  • The "Sisters" Seafood Hot Pot--Universal Resort

    The "Sisters" Seafood Hot Pot, is an affordable authentic sea food hot pot served at the five star Universal Resort located within Yalong bay.

  • BBQ Buffet -- Cactus Resort Sanya

    The Cactus Resort Sanya offers an affordable BBQ buffet with good service, it is cooked by professional chefs and comes with warm service. This spacious restaurant nearby a very large swimming pool. The Resort located within Yalong Bay.

  • Seafood BBQ Buffet -- Resort Golden Palm Yalong Bay

    The Resort Golden Palm offers seafood BBQ buffet. You can enjoy the delicious food in company with beautiful coconut palms and the breeze .It also provides you unlimited food and the music feast at the same time.The resort located within Yalong Bay.

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