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Over the past twenty years or so, Sanya has become a developed tropical holiday destination. With hotels in Sanya, you will always receive fantastic service ensuring your time here is as enjoyable as possible. As China’s only tropical city, Sanya’s hotels are required to have a high reputation. Sanya’s main hotels are luxurious resort facilities offering unparalleled unique services. There are around 200 hotels in Sanya such as Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Ritz Carlton etc, with around 30,000 numerous beautiful guest suites. There are almost thirty 4-5 star hotels in Sanya. The majority of Sanya’s hotels are distributed with Yalong Bay, Dadonghai, Sanya Bay and the metropolitan area.


The Horizon Travel Organisation is based in Sanya, and with over 10 years of experience in the tourism field, we are experts when it comes to local hotels and attractions. We know and have good relations with many of Sanya’s hotels, therefore we are able to personally monitor the latest hotel updates and get the best deals for our customers, along with friendly professional consultation and recommendations.

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Sanya Beach Hotels in Yalong Bay
Sanya Hainan beach hotels

Yalong Bay is China’s No.1 bay and is ranked within the top 10 bays in all of Asia. Its harbour hosts some of the islands most luxurious international 5 start hotels and resorts such as Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Ritz Carlton etc, Overall making it a fantastic place for any of the islands visitors to spend their vacation.

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  • HuaYu Resort & Spa Yalong Bay Sanya

    This is a hotel located at Yalong Bay,which has the largest conference venue in yalong bay.,exclusive beach,large swimming pool,tea spa,kid's club and shuttle bus service.

  • Yalong Bay Holiday Inn

    This is a closest to yalong Bay ,which has its own particular pool bar,exclusive beach,water sport facility,spa,swimming pool and fitness center

  • MGM Grand Sanya

    This is a seafront hotel located at Yalng Bay ,which has private beach,night club,large swimming pool,,spa,swimming pool and fitness center

  • Sheraton Sanya Resort

    This is a searont hotel located at yalong Bay,which has exclusive be ach,large swimming pool,water sport facility and shuttle bus facility.

  • St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort

    This is a luxurious hotel located at yalong Bay,which has it's privat e beach ,large swimming pool,spa,tennis court,water sport faclility an d shuttle bus facility.

  • Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa

    This a hotel located located yalong Bay ,shich has exclusive beach,large swimming pool,spa,kid's club,fitness center,waetd sport facility and shuttle bus service.

Top deals: RMB 800


Top deals: RMB 750


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Top deals: RMB 1088



Top deals: RMB 1800


Top deals : RMB 1300
Sanya beach Hotels in Dadonghai (Urban)

        Dadonghai beach is a very nice beach with soft white sand and lovely blue turquoise water gently rolling on to the sand, there is no surf, which makes a very safe option for most tourists. It is the most popular tourist area in Sanya. Compared with other two bays, Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay, this bay is most active, dynamic and welcomed by tourists as the beach is public not private owned by the nearby hotels or resorts. Everyone can go to the beach and enjoy swimming.

It is located 3 kilometers southeast of downtown, and under the hill of Dear Park. Dadonghai has a crescentshaped beach 2.3 kilometers long (about 1.4 miles) and green trees creating a very beautiful location.The famous beach is ideal for swimming, diving, beach sports, bathing and sunbathing. There are designated swimming areas which are marked by floating balls and rope for your safety. It has everything to support a seaside tourists, including a famous dive company—Red Coral Water Sports Center that can provide scuba diving, ship diving, seabed strolling, speed boats, jet-skis, water-skiing, motorboats, luxury yachts, sail boats, ocean fishing, beach sports and underwater photography, The water temperature is about 24°C degrees even in winter, hence its reputation as an idyllic spot for winter holidaying and relaxation.. Even though the water quality is not as good as that at Yalong bay, Dadonghai still is a wonderful outdoor swimming and sun-bathing place. At the thought of vernal sunshine and soft sea breezes you will be agreeably dissolved into the blue sky and seawater.

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  • Resort Intime Sanya

    This is a hotel located at downtown,which has water sports facilities,swimming pool,tropical garden,It is nearby the scenicSpots and convenient for shopping

  • InterContinental Sanya Resort

    This is a green engage hotel located at Dadonghai, which has it’sexclusive beach,marine restaurant,spa,large swimming pool,children activity and shuttle bus

  • Banyan Tree Sanya

    This is a peaceful and quiet hotel located at the foot of Luhuitou mountain,which has exclusive beach,ocean front pool villa,large swimming pool,spa,tennis court,fitness center.

  • Ramada Plaza Sanya

    This is a hotel located at Dadonghai, whi ch has outdoor swimming pool, spa, gymnasium, ang iy is nearby the CDF

  • Luhuitou State Guesthouse & Resort

    This is the only five star hotels in Hainan that hosts business vacations and government receptions,which has outdoor swimming pool,tennis court tea bar,fitness center,pool bar and tres tle bridge.

  • Mandarin Oriental Sanya

    This is a seafront hotel located at Dadonghai,which has private beach,outdoor swimming pool,spa,tennis court,kid’s club and water sport facility.

Top deals : RMB700


To deals : RMB 1560


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Top deals : RMB1988


Sanya Beach Hotels in Sanya Bay

        Sanya Bay is a relatively undiscovered premier tropical destination. It enjoys the longest beach in Sanya. It has an easy access to Sanya International Airport, away from the flight path, this superb location offers all possible creature comforts, you can find the world-class luxury of the Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Holiday Inn Sanya Bay and Tianfuyuan Resort, which will serve to please the most discerning visitors.This is a great place to soaking up the sun, relaxing and just enjoying the unique and relaxed ambience that dominates this place. The night market here is especially lively with seafood thrown o­n the streets, stores selling all types of weird

 and wonderful wares, all adding to the chaotic feeling about this place. This is just about the o­nly place in China with a really laid-back feeling and atmosphere. Whilst enjoying your private time, unlike many other locations, you will see more life of the local people. During the daytime, scattered older people stand along the shore to do fishing. During evening time, a lot of local people sit under the palm trees and look at the vast South China Sea. The gentle breeze tenderly touches their hair and forehead.They can spend hours and hours just sitting still without doing anything. Some people also set the seaside barbecue stalls to entertain themselves. But compared to the beaches in Yalongbay and Dadonghai Bay, the beach here is not very suitable for swimming as the international harbor of Phoenix Harbor located  here.

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  • Grand Soluxe Resort Sanya

    This is a seafront hotel with a beautiful swimming pool,spa,exclusive garden,15 minutes ride to city center.

  • Holiday Inn Resort Sanya Bay

    This is a seafront hotel located at Sanya Bay, which has private beach, outdoor swimming pool, tea tree spa, natural hot spring fish massage therapy.

  • ShengYi Holiday Villa Hotel

    This is a seafront hotel located at downtown, which has swimming pool ,spa ,fitness center and it is convenient for shopping.

  • Grand Fortune Bay Hotel Sanya

    This is a hotel located at Sanya Bay, which has private beach,top-class conference hall,swimming pool,children’s club,spa and tennis court.

  • Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya

    This is a seafront hotel located at Sanya Bay,which has its private beach,swimming pool ,spa,tennis court,water sport facility.

  • Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay

    This is the biggest coastal resort of five star in China with two Large outdoor swimming pools,spa,kids garden and outdoor tennis courts.

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Top deals : RMB 650


Sanya Beach Hotels in Haitang Bay

        Haitang Bay will definitely strike you with its unique beauty. It is located near Haitangwan town, which is in the east gate of Sanya and around 28km away from Sanya, , Haitang Bay is still a virgin land retaining its unspoiled pristine beauty.
Compared with the developed resort zones like Yalong Bay and Dadonghai Bay. The bay area has a coastline of 21.8 kilometers, among with 18.7 kilometers are of gorgeous sandy beach which is 3 times longer than Yalong bay. The 21.8 km-long coastline is lined with seductive sceneries, the beach as wide as 60 metres on average, serpentines like a picture of the dream. Haitang Bay has been positioned as world-class vacation paradise with developments to include Top international brands coastal hotel zone, World-class yacht leisure community and National medical and marine research, education and expo center. Seven-star hotels will cling to the emerald beaches of this area. There will also be a mangrove protection zone, natural wetland protection zone, state-of-the-art ocean-tech research center along the bay area.Facilities are ot finished yet. Right now there are some 5 star hotels there, and the best cinema in Hainan there.

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  • Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya

    This is a peaceful ang quiet hotel located at Haitang Bay,which has private beach,hot spring pools,water sports acrivities ,tennis center,private thearer and world class spa center

  • Sheraton Sanya Haitang Bay Resort

    This is a hotel located at Haitang Bay,which has exclusive beach,water sport facility,large swimming pool,spa,kids’club and shuttle bus service.

  • Renaissance Sanya Resotr & Spa

    This is a hotel located at downtown,which has water sports facilities,swimming pool,tropical garden,It is nearby the scenicSpots and convenient for shopping

  • Double Tree Resort by Hilton Sanya Haitang Bay

    This is a peaceful and quiet hotel located at Haitang Bay,which has private beach,large swimming pool and kid’s swimming pool,water sport facility,spa,cinema and shuttle bus.

  • Kempinski Hotel Haitang Bay Sanya

    This ia a seafront hotel located at Haitang Bay,which has exclusive beach,large swimming pool,spa,green golf,wood art museum,fitness center,kid’s club and shuttle bus service.

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