An Introduction to Sanya

Sanya is China’s most southern based city and offers year round leisure for both locals and tourists. Located at the southerntip of Hainan Province; Sanya is the most famous city in all of Hainan and boasts 209km of coastline with 19 bays, some of the most famous being: Ya Long Bay, San Ya Bay, Da Dong Hai Bay, Moon Bay… Sanya owns 40 islands; however Sanya has the most pleasant climate, the clearest air, the clearest waters and the sweetest fruit. It has been known as the “Hawaii of the East”, come here and see for yourself; you’ll understand why!

Sanya ranked second globally by UNEO and ranked first in China as the most environmentally friendly city. Also known as“nature’s oxygen tank”, Sanya is a spoiled land on earth and is also famous for its long-life expectancy.

Sanya is China’s only tropical city and has unforgettable charm. This rich, tropical paradise has a unique ethnic culture, a mild climate and has lush tropical scenery. These wonderful natural features are just some of the precious gifts that Sanya has to offer. In this beautiful and peaceful resort, you can dive into the clear blue ocean and play in the waves, swim amongst the coral reefs and the vibrantly coloured fish. 
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In Sanya’s bays, you will find yourself amongst leisurely crowds, and become one with the ocean. These scenic spots, primeval islets and cultural attractions make Sanya a fascinating place for you to relax and explore in. Sanya is known as one of China’s top tourist cities, China’s most glamorous city, and China’s eco-city. Sanya is without a doubt the most open and friendly tourist destination that China has to offer. In recent years due to an increasing flow of tourism, Sanya City now has over one hundred luxury hotels, with an annual reception capacity over 10 million people. Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and Yue Yong Zhuang are just some of the names of Intercontinental hotel chains that have settled in Sanya’s tourist resort area. 
About Sanya and Hainan
In September 2000, the ‘New Silk Road’ model contest chose Sanya as its permanent venue, establishing the age of fashion events in Sanya. From 2003 to 2005; Sanya hosted the 53rd, 54th and 55th ‘Miss World Finals’. Sanya has been embraced by beauties worldwide, and has shown the world its beauty and charm. In November 2005, Sanya held the 14th 'Golden Rooster and Full Blossom Film Festival’ of China, the ‘55th Miss World Final’ and the 6th ‘Hainan Carnival’ in which numerous celebrities and around 200,000 citizens got together to attend the event. All year round fashion activities and vigorous events make Sanya the place to be.

Sanya is the southern half of the island’s commercial and transport centre. There are flights to Sanya from the majority of China’s provincial Capital cities and cruise lines coming from both national and international cities. From August 16th, 2010, at least 5 visitors travelling together (who have arranged a tour group together with the same arrival & departure dates and the same flight details) from the following countries do not require a visa to visit Hainan and are able to stay for up to 15 days: Malaysia, USA, Thailand, UK, Canada, France, Japan, Singapore Australia, Indonesia, Sweden, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, The Philippines, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Norway, The Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Visitors travelling together from South Korea, Germany and Russia are permitted to stay for up to 21 without a visa.

Tourists are required to book their travel arrangements with professional travel agencies within Hainan and provide the following information: Their name, birthday, nationality, passport number and accommodation address as well as their entire travel itinerary and details. If any members of their travel groups wish to stay for a longer period of time allocated by the Visa Waiver policy, they are required to apply for a visa in accordance to Chinese law.

Not only does this policy improve the economy, it helps to improve Hainan’s tourist industry, and allows a cultural, trade and communication exchanges to develop, thus benefitting international relations.

So come on! We invite to come and see all that Sanya has to offer, and why it is the perfect place in which to relax and explore.

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