Sanya Langlanglang Water Park
Sanya Langlanglang Water Park has been put into trial operation at the Sanya Songcheng Resort starting from January 22nd, 2016.

The water park is another key project of the Sanya Songcheng Resort, alongside the Sanya Romance Park, Sanya Ice and Snow World, and Sanya Color Zoo.

The water world is equipped with dozens of on-water amusement facilities including a man-made wave pool, Chrono Cross, Jungle Cruise, Sanya Horn, and Rainbow Water Slide. The park is dedicating to providing a fun-filled, unforgettable experience for tourists and locals.
In addition, themed performances such as a water dance and an exotic singing and dancing show will provide guests with exciting, high-quality entertainment options.
Sanya Langlanglang Water Park is located in Sanya Songcheng Resort and next to Sanya Romance Park and Sanya Color Zoo. It has about ten super water attractions and rides including Skyline Adventure, Time Traveling, Horn of Sanya, Mountain Creek Cross, Double Slide, Rainbow Slide, Jungle Drifting, Joyful Water Village, etc. Themed Shows such as Water Carnival Party and Exotic Song and Dance Show will blow you away. Come to Sanya Langlanglang Water Park and experience the passion and enthusiasm. source from Sanyalife and songcheng

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