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Sanya Spa & Massage
Sanya is becoming increasingly famous as a tourist destination to the western world. After a day of touring Sanya’s scenic spots, come and check out the local Chinese spa & massage centres and experience traditional Chinese therapeutic treatments. The below list features some of Sanya's most luxurious and exclusive spa centres. These centres provide a relaxing and therapeutic environment for all of their customers.
  • The Tainbao Massage Centre is presented in a traditional style of Chinese classical has a group of professionally trained massage therapists, allowing you to enjoy a massage.

  • This is a Thai style healthcare centre that specialises in Thai classical massage, classic fragrances, beauty massage, Chinese massage and other healthcare massages.

  • The Tianyuan Spa has one hundred professional care centres nationwide; our philosophy is “customers come first”.

  • The Olaysha 12 Spa Centre specialises in beauty, body, health and fumigation treatments and is one of the high-end women’s club.

About Sanya and Hainan
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 Address: Room303, Building4,  ZhongHeng Square, HeDong Road,  Sanya572000, China

 Tel: +86-898-88259975

 Fax: +86-898-88259974

 Skype: sanyahorizontravel

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Zu Yuan Tang is the largest centre for Chinese Massage treatment located in Hexi Road, Sanya downtown, which provides wide range treatment from head to foot massage. Price range is from RMB50 and up. For more information, please email to or call us at 13807520009.