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Our website is the region’s largest and most comprehensive English travel page.


The Horizon Travel is the largest English language website of Sanya, Hainan, China, supplying a complete convention and travel service, and supplying you with the latest

island tours that Hainan has to offer

Our Expertise


We’ve been active in the tourism industry in Sanya for over ten years; so our industry has won a very good reputation, in the time we’ve been here we have really got to know Sanya. We provide all sorts of services on our website; we have the experience to provide professional advice to explain all of our tourist products. Meanwhile, our Tourism, Meeting, Exhibition and Wedding teams all have certain professional standards and will strive to provide you with quality professional advice and services until you are completely satisfied.

The Best Prices


As Horizon Travel has had a decade within the travel industry, we are closely tied to all of the major local hotels; therefore we are able to and are committed to giving you the best price advantages when it comes to booking your hotel.

Customer-Oriented, tailored to your need


With the development of the tourism market, we have found that more and more customers want something special: Unconventional tourist products. So we are providing a one-on-one customer service in order to deliver tourism products tailored to your needs. Therefore, when sending us a specific request, please try and make it as detailed as possible so that we are able to provide you with the most appropriate package to match your requirements..

Quick Response


When we receive your order or consultation, our tourist commissioners will reply within 24 hours, providing you with a one-on-one service to advise you and help with any issues you may have about your holiday ensuring that your visit here will be as enjoyable as possible.



Credibility is our company’s focus; we are convinced that only sincere hospitality allows our company to proceed in long-term development. Over the years, we have insisted that what makes our customers come back to us is the integrity of our services.




 Quality service is the focus of our work and our eternal philosophy. We look forward to not just a single piece of business but we are also determined to ensure that our customers will return to us and that we continue having long-term contact with them. We will provide all of our customers with a warm home on their visit to Sanya, so when you decide to come here on a holiday or to travel, contact us.

We love this beautiful place, we hope that more and more guests will come to Sanya and experience its natural beauty, we are retaining unremitting efforts to ensure that this happens.

Sanya is a very beautiful place, we love it, so we chose the tourism industry as our cause; and with a decade of effort, we have a deep understanding of Sanya. We have witnessed the development of Sanya at every step. So we invite you to get to know more of this beautiful seaside city, her unique folklore, her natural beauty, her unique culture; we hope for more people to come to Sanya to experience the beautiful, leisure and romantic elements of the city, and most of all to have a wonderful time here... Hand-in-hand with Horizon Travel, make your trip to Sanya and Hainan Island truly enjoyable, and unforgettable...