Sanya local ethnic groups

Many unique customs and traditions remain within the ethnic groups in Sanya. The impressive ethnic art, beautiful ethnic costumes, amazing ethnic dance, various ethnic cultures attract a lot of domestic and international tourists to visit and learn more about the variety of Chinese ethnic minorities.

The Li ethnic group

The Li ethnic group are the earliest inhabitants of Hainan Island and there are various tribes within the group. People of the Li ethnic group like to express their feelings and emotion by playing Li-style musical instruments and dancing together. Their folk songs are very unique, too. Some of them are of Li-style melody and Chinese lyrics, some of them are of Li-style melody and Li Language. The content of the songs are usually about their everyday life and labor. It can be performed solo, or in a chorus or in many other ways.

The most famous dances of Li people are the Deer Hunting Dance, Bells and Double Knife Dance and the Rice Pestle Dance. The most important festival of Li ethnic group is the March 3 of the lunar calendar.

Their traditional houses, which are quite rare nowadays, are boat-shaped. The elder Li people still have the habit of chewing betel nuts in their spare time. The Li-style brocade is very intricate and beautiful.

The Miao ethnic group

The Miao ethnic group also has its own distinctive costume, dance, and festivals. A quite romantic festival is the Sister Festival which lasts from March 15 to October 8 of lunar calendar. After the girls enjoy their dinner called the ‘Sister Dinner’, they will dress themselves up in Miao costumes and go on dates with their lovers. They usually will sing folk songs and perform the unique Sheng Instrument Playing Dance. During this festival, young people have a lot of opportunities to fully enjoy the happiness and freedom of expressing love or falling in love while singing and dancing together.

One of the distinct features of Miao Female Costumes is the luxurious use and beautiful array of silver ornaments on their hats and dresses.  

The Hui ethnic group

People of Hui ethnic group mainly dwell in the Huihui Village and Huixin Village. They are quite versatile and quite good at doing business. Some of them originate from ancient Persia or Arabia. Their main festivals are Eid ul-Fitr (Big Eid) and Eid ul-Adha. (Small Eid) The Hui Muslims adhere to the Sunni Muslim principles. As a tradition, many local Hui people wear beautiful scarves or Muslim Kerchiefs in their daily lives. The Hui-style Cuisine is very delicious and famous in China.

Historical evidence shows that a long time ago, some Hui people came here when they were doing business in the southern regions of China and over time stayed here to become permanent residents of Hainan Island.

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