Sanya geography

Sanya is the southernmost city in Hainan province, China. It has an area of 1919.6 square kilometers. With six gorgeous bays, it boasts the best white-sand beaches and turquoise ocean waters in all of Asia. This coastal city is nestled among hills, with two quiet rivers running through it. Several little islands are scattered in the South Sea just off the city’s coastline. Sanya’s highest point is the Luhuitou Peak Park which overlooks the entire city.

The southern coast has several beaches. Yalong, Dadonghai (the Grand East Sea), Sanya, Haitang, and Yazhou are the five major bays in Sanya. At the southernmost point is Jingmu Cape, which is a popular sunset viewing point.

One of the most popular tourist areas in Sanya is Yalong Beach, perhaps owing to the easy access to its wide and long beach. This is the most beautiful place in Sanya to feel the white sand between your toes and splash in the waves. Most of Sanya's nightlife and cheap shopping places are located in the downtown area.

Other popular beaches are located in the southern area on both sides of Yalong Beach. Haitang Beach is generally much less developed than Yalong Beach, and sought out by individuals, families and other groups with a preference for a more relaxed and less crowded environment than Yalong Beach and Dadonghai Beach.  There are several coral islands to the south of Sanya, the Wuzhizhou Islands lies near Haitang Beach, and West Island near Sanya Bay. Both islands are suitable for diving.



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