Horizon travel Sanya's (www.horizontravelsanya.com, referred to below as "this site") privacy statement is a commitment to protecting user privacy on this website.This site collects user's personal information, please be sure to read our policies on use and protection carefully.     

Personal Data & Information Security

This site requires you (with your agreement and consent) to fill in some registration and order forms to provide

some personal information. Such personal information includes: name, gender, age, date of birth, ID number,
telephone number, mailing address, email address etc. When you become a registered user of this site, you mayparticipate in customized business and other activities such as public commenting.
This site strictly manages and protects any information that you provide. This site will take appropriate measures in preventing your personal information from being lost stolen or tampered with. This website will not use your
personal date for other purposes, or disclose your information to any third party without your consent, only in the exception of the following section below(Restricted Usage Principles and Disclosure of Personal Information)  
User Rights

Regarding user personal information, you have the following rights:

* Any inquiries and requests for access.
* Any time a request for supplementation or corrections are made.
* Any time a request for account deletion is made.
* Any time a request is made to stop the computers processing and use of information.  

Restricted Usage Principles

we have the right to use your in formation as a result of any of the following circumstance.
* Your written consent has been obtained.
* If your life, health or property is in imminent danger.
* To prevent the significant harm of others.
* To promote your, or the public’s interests..  

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Disclosure of Personal Information

If the government authorities require disclosure of personal information from this website in accordance with
statutory procedures. This website is obliged to provide the government with such information on the grounds of
law enforcement and public safety.
In addition to the provisions of Section 3.4 being an exemption, the following conditions of this site are set without any liability:
* If the username or password of anyone or of a shared account is shared with other people, resulting in a
leakage of any personal information.
* If any problems related to computer issues, computer hackings, viruses or attacks, government regulation
causing the temporary closure affecting the normal operation of the network or force majeure causing any
leakages of personal data occur.
* If other websites linked to this website cause a leakage of personal data result in the cause and consequences of any legal dispute.
This website's privacy statement will update and modified to have the same rights as Horizon
Travel Sanya.